Scottish Highland Cattle

Hailing from the Highlands in Northern Scotland, Highland Cattle are shaggy and stout in appearance with curving horns. They are revered for their gentle temperament and high intelligence, along with hardiness in a variety of climates. They are one of the least modified breeds of cattle, allowing for a breed with great health and great success, without much assistance or interference.

This breed of cattle are excellent mothers capable of warding off predators and rearing healthy, robust calves. Our cattle have come to be the highlight of our day and a joy to our community!

Our cattle are descended from generations of strong and healthy animals, and we offer some of the finest cattle in the area. Reach out to us to visit our farm today to see some of our best cattle!

Cattle Breeding

Here at the Burkhalter Ranch, we are continuously working to provide the best health, mentally and physically, for our herd. Our standards allow us to deliver the best calving process of Highland Cattle. In the future, we plan to create a cattle breeding process that will inspire others to maintain the best of standards, and eventually introduce our cattle to the showing industry as well.

Our Current Selection

Every member of our herd is registered cattle with the American Highland Association. Our champion bull, “Walking Taco,” has helped expand our herd, and we are now in a position to share our calves and heifers with breeders.

Currently, we have 13 registered Scottish Highland Cattle on our ranch, and 5 pregnant mothers that will give birth sometime soon! Reach out to us today for more information on our healthy herd!

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